Saturday, July 16, 2016

Travel news no 2. 2016

Welcome to our new news page, the plan is to give out 3 to 4 numbers a year there we will write a little about travel, travelling, places, hotels and so on.
So if some of you have a story or experience that you want to share are we more then happy to write about it here in our online travel magazine. Use our E mail to send in stuff to the magazine.

The tourist trap Boracay Philippines:

People say Boracay is a place you need to visit! Well have been there and I can say it was a place I will not visit again ever. Why you ask?

Well the journey out to Boracay was not a good experience from we was going off the plane in Kalibo Airport(KLO) to we was in the hotel.

The show start as you get out of the airport and try to find your bus, the whole thing is badly organized and there can be some confusion. When we finally find our bus we had a 3 hour bus ride on bad roads ahead of us to the Caticlan boat port.

When we come to the boat terminal it was chaotic and very poor planned. We had to go trough a metal detector, and after that we was sitting in a over crowded small hall for about 30 min.
After a while we was taken to a small crowded boat that take us out to Boracay. On shore on Boracay was it chaotic again and more waiting since there was no system on the transport but after a while we got away to boat station 1.

Boracay island:
The island have narrow dirty roads, there are to many people and to many annoying street sellers that try to sell you a ride on a banana boat or something else. Anywhere you go will you meet them and if you stand still for more then 10 sec they will be all over you. The moment you step out of the hotel in Boracay, you’re practically under attack. Annoying vendors are everywhere: the streets, the shops, and sadly, even the beach.
The food in the restaurants are not good and I don't even think they have staff that can make food in many of them. And the food is heavy over priced.
So what have Boracay to offer beside the beach? Nothing for ordinary people I guess if you like to party and pay overprice on everything it's perfect but for other that want to relax and have some fun beside be piss drunk 24/7 it's not a place to go. I will say Boracay is one of the biggest shit holes I have been to in a really long time.

For other then backpackers and hippies I will recommend that you go to Bohol a much better place and much more to see and things to do. And the most important thing you can go everywhere whit out be bothered by street vendors.
For families is Bohol perfect since there is something for everyone.

We was on Boracay in October that is off season there but it was still really bad.

Travel advice
If you are going on a travel always check your governments travel advice especially if you are going to a Islamic country since the terror treat there is very high. But also if you are going to some countries in Europe and most of Africa.
This travel advice change so always stay updated and check them often and follow this advice.
It's not only the treat of terror but also diseases like Ebola, SARS, bird flu, swine flu and so on that you need to avoid.

After the last times terror attack so always think both 1 and 2 times before you travel to one of the countries that it's likely that something can happen. And again read what the government recommend you to do.

2 good links.

Beside these check your local government to see what they say since it can be a little different then the 2 we have linked to here.